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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Family problem solution

Slove All of Family Problems with Subhash Baba Ji
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Signs of Family Problems are Frequently Disagreements, Arguing with each other, High Break Down in Family Communication, Anger,Busting on small issues and Avoidance among Family Members.

Sometimes Family Problems triggered by Differences in Beliefs, Opinions, Goals, Values and Personalities.

 Family Problems Solution :  Main reasons behind Family Problems are personal Life Events and Circumstance - These are Family Circumstance Changes

 New Member : Family Relationships often changes with the Birth of New Baby especially when parents expecting Baby Boy but unfortunately Baby Girl take Birth.This is the biggest reason of Conflict in Indian Families.

Child Out of Control : Now days Children are not willing to Obey their Parents and get Addicted to Wrong things and Wrong Habits. Children are becoming Short Tempered and Lie a lot. Step up for Wrong and Infatuated Love with Disinterested in Studies are the biggest Conflict reasons in Parents Children Relationship.
Blended family : In this Modern Era, bringing Balancing & Harmony act between the new Spouse, the new Step Children, and also with your own kids is the most Difficult Task to do and can take years to Achieve.
Separation/Divorce: Lack of Trust or Respect in a Relationship, Bitter Quarreling between Partners, Abusive Beating results in Divorce and Leads to the end of Beautiful Marriage that was once Alive between the two.

If you have any Family related problem in life and find accurate solutions for that? feel free to contact India's famous Astrologer Subhash Baba Ji.

Family & Relationship Problems
All relationships and families go through difficult times and experiencing occasional problems and conflict in personal relationships is normal. However, sometimes these problems can become overwhelming.

Frequent arguing
Breakdown in communication
Angry outbursts
Physical conflict 

Difference in opinions, personalities, beliefs, values or goals
Change in family circumstances e.g. new baby, divorce/separation, blending families
Financial problems
Issues relating to sexuality
Alcohol or drug use
Gambling problems
The onset of mental health problems
Natural disasters
Lack of trust/respect in a relationship 

Often family are the most important people to you so relationship problems can be considerably distressing and can lead to:
Negative emotions – anger, sadness, anxiety
Feeling isolated, alone or withdrawn
Lack of concentration
Difficulty eating or sleeping
Problems with friends, colleagues or your children
Using alcohol or drugs to cope or escape

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